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Education is a Lifelong Process

As a result of the Globalization phenomena, today’s society faces huge challenges, which have caused that education is in the eye of the storm. Due to theaccelerated production of knowledge, the rapid development of technology, population growth and environmental problems, education seems to be the most effective means to solve current problems and the beststrategy to assure a better future for the next generations.

In order for becoming the adequate opportunity to build a better world, education has to be restructured and therefore, has to promotefundamental changes that benefit everyone.

But, What kind of education we should focus on?

Undoubtedly, education as a lifelong process is the approach that all countries should take to guaranteeintegral human development and thus, to improve the quality of life of people. Recent research indicate that education is the key to access to the Knowledge Society, the clue to survive in theInformation Age and the most powerful tool to adapt to the changing world of the twenty-first century.

Education is a continuous and ongoing process that occurs during all stages of human beings, whichprepares us to assume the commitments of life and allows us to evolve along different ages. Definitely, education throughout life also involves a lifelong learning process from birth to death. This meansthat constantly we need to develop skills, acquire new knowledge and procedures, improve communication and reflect on our lives because in this way we acquire the necessary tools to performcompetently in different contexts.

The essence of human beings is to grow, change, progress and work towards better living conditions, so education is inherent to human development. For this reason, themore education we receive, the more we will be adapted to the new demands of family, school and society.

In my opinion I think that education as a lifelong process is an unquestionable fact which...
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