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White Lion
The white lion has 8 cm long teeth; they are the second biggest feline.
Male adult lions weigh about 330-550 pounds (150-250kg) and females 260- 400 pounds. (120-182kg).The length (including head) for males is usually 170-250cm. (5ft 7in.- 8ft. 2in.) and females is 140- 175cm (4ft. 7in.- 5ft. 9in.) The length of their tail may vary from 2ft to 4ft.The males have manes, which is a bunch of hair stuff that goes from around the face and ears to their shoulders; they can be blond or white.
White lions are not albino as they do havepigmentation in vital parts such as their eye, paw and lip. And they vary from blonde through to near white.
Their condition is called leucism meaning they only have pigmentation lossin the skin and fur. There are less than three hundred white lions in the world.
The white lion is occasionally found in wildlife reserves in South Africa

Teacher´s name: EdithJulieta Valencia Morales.
Student´s name:___________________________________________________
Answer in a complete form the next questions according to the white lionreading.

1. How many centimeters are the white lion´s teeth?

2. White lions are that color because………

3. Where are the white lions found?

4. What is a mane?

5.Do the females have a mane?

Complete the next statements using AND, OR, BUT, where best belongs.White
1. White lions have 8 cm long teeth_______they are the second biggestfeline.
2. Male adult lions weigh about 330-550 pounds ______________150-250kg.
3. The males have manes_________________ females don’t.
4. Their condition is called leucism____________ it means that they only have pigmentation loss in the skin and fur.
5. A mane is a bunch of hair stuff that goes from around the face ________ears to their shoulders.
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