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1. Write about the weather in the pictures. Use it’s...
1. It’s raining. 4.
3. 6.

2. Put in it is (it`s) or is it.1. What time is it?
2. We must go now. Very late.
3. true that bill can fly a helicopter?
4. What day today?Tuesday? No Wednesday?
5. ten kilometers from the airport to the city centre.
6. possible to phone you at your office?
7. Doyou want to walk to the restaurant? I don’t know .How far ?
8. Linda`s birthday today. she`s 27.
9.I don’t believe it!Impossible.

3. write questions with How far…

1. (here / the station) How far is it from here to the station.
2. (the hotel / the beach)HOW
3. (New York / Washington)
4. (your house / the airport)

4. Put in it or there.

1. It rains a lot in winter. 6. I was afraid becausewas very dark
2. There was a strong wind yesterday. 7. was a storm last night. Did you
3. was a nice day yesterday.Heart it?
4. We can`t go skiing. Isn`t any snow. 8. `s a long way from here to the
5. ‘s hot in this room. Open a window.Nearest shop.

5. Complete the sentences. Choose from the boxes.

easy dangerous work in this office get up early
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