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Able: adj. (Ei-bol) Capaz.
The young was able to jump Hill another border.

Above: (A-bob) Por encima de.
The words above are the write in the blackboard.

Abroad: (A-broud) En el extranjero, extranjero.
I was in the abroad working the last year.

Afraid: (A-freid) Miedo, temor.
She is afraid because saw many monsters in themovie.

Agree: (A-gri) Estar de acuerdo.
Both she and me do it an agree for make the homework together.

Agreed: (A-grid) De acuerdo.
Between the teacher and the pupils agreed to play tomorrow in the school.

Allowed: (Al-owed) Permitido.
The cigar not allowed inside the restaurant.

Almost: (Al-most) Casi, por poco.
Almost achieve the first place in the tournament.

Alone: (A-lon)Solo.
I am alone because my boyfriend is off, vacations.

Also: (Al-so) Tambien.
I need the tools and also the materials.

Although: (Al-toug) Aunque.
I am try to do it, although I has do it the impossible.

Amazing: (Am-esing) Increible.
It is really amazing that exploit of that man on the motorcycle.

Anyone: (Eni-wan) Cualquiera.
Anyone quiet in the classroom, because the teacher,can not speak us.

A pub: (A-pob) Bar Pequeño.
My friends and me are in a pub drinking a beers by the celebration.

Around: (A-raun) Alrededor.
In the jungle there many animals anywhere and around.

Asked: (Asked) Pregunta, preguntar.
She asked me by your test, but I don’t know what is your score.


Background: (Bak-graun) Antecedentes, fondo.
They are to stay in the background doit to their bads outcomes.

Backward: (Bak-war) Hacia atras.
He left without a backward glance.

Began: (Bi-guin) Comenzó, inicio, empezó.
The runners began the race in the morning, to 9:00 o’clock.

Better: (Be-rer) Mejor.
You gived better speech.

Between: (Bi-tuin) Entre, en medio de.
These kids have between five and six years old.

Born: (Born) Nacer.
They were born in theU.S.A

Bring: (Brin) Traer.
That man bring a weapon under their clothes.

Businessman: (Visnes man) Empresaio, hombre de negocios.
Carlos Slim is a businessman, he did it your fortune to make an other prise more just.

Busy: (Basi) Ocupado.
The secretary is busy now because she is typewrite in the machine.


Careful: (Car-ful) Cuidado, precaución.
Hey boys, be careful with thedog, because is very dangerous.

Catches: (Catches) Capturas, atrapadas.
The center fielder of the Red-Sox made it goods catches in the base-ball game.

Childhood: (Chaildhud) Infancia, niñez.
In the childhood age the children’s are growing and learning every things

Choose: (Chus) Elegir, elección, decision.
There’s not much to choose bet we on them.

Clearly: (Clerli) Claramente.
Thepoll was very clearly, in the town, and many people were the polling.

Clever: (Clever) Listo, ingenioso.
He is very clever, at mathematics, is a good student in your school.

Climbing: (Claimbin) Escalar, escalada.
The soldiers practice everyday the climbing in the mountains.

Clown: (Cloun) Payaso.
The clown made it every things for to have funny to the children’s.

Customer: (Costumer)Cliente.
That man is is a good customer, he let very good pits for the employers.

Could: (Coul) Podría.
I could have tried harder.

Countries: (Countris) Paises, naciones.
The Olympic games are realized to many countries in the world.

Countryside: (Countrisaid) Campo.
We are to go or a week end in the countryside the Saturday.

Current: (Curren) Actual.
In the last lap they go toswim, against the current in the river.

Cut out: (Cut aut) Recortes.
The Doctor cut out, an abcess of the stomacly of the patient.


Daylight: (Dai lait) Luz del día, amanecer.
The daylight have a sunshine wonderful, when I wake up in the morning.

Design: (Desin) Diseño.
The fashion designer made a special design for the artist, but very expensive.

Development: (Divilopment)...
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