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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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The Seven Natural Wonders of the World
A list is being made of the seven natural wonders of the world. What are your favorite natural wonders?

In2007, the Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation made a list called The Official New 7 Wonders of the World. This is a list of the seven wonders that people built. The Foundation wanted to protect theseman-made wonders so that more people could enjoy them. According to the New7Wonders Foundation, "Our heritage is our future."
The ancient Greeks made the original list of seven wonders. They believedthat the number seven stood for perfection and plenty. The only one of the seven sites that remains today is the Great Pyramid of Giza.The Foundation are now making a list of the seven natural wondersthat you can find in nature; such as waterfalls, mountains and forests. There will be several rounds of voting. Everyone in the world can vote for their favorite natural wonders. In 2011, after thelast round of voting, we will have a new list of amazing wonders from the natural world. The Foundation hopes that this list will help us preserve our natural heritage for future generations.
April 2011A New Approach to Healthcare
Would you travel abroad for medical treatments?

Many countries don't have cheap, good quality healthcare. So, patients are traveling abroad to gettreatment. This is called medical tourism. People travel for dental treatments, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and more. A heart-valve replacement costs $200,000 in the US, but only $10,000 in India. Afacelift in the US costs $20,000, but in South Africa it only costs $1,250. Sometimes, these prices even include the flight and a vacation package! Another reason to travel for medical care is thatpatients receive treatment much quicker. In Canada you can wait up to 26 weeks for a hip replacement and 16 weeks for cataract surgery. In 2007, about 750,000 Americans traveled outside of the US for...