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ACTIVITY 1: Study Unit 1, lesson “A” complete exercises 2, 3 and 4 of your

2. Complete the sentences. Use the information in Exercise 1

alone dislikes going out party animal
dance club enjoys outgoing shy

1. Julian is not a party animal.
2. Anika is an outgoing person.
3. Juliana dislikes meeting with only one or two people at a time.
4. Anika likes going out with herfriends.
5. Juliana enjoys going to parties.
6. Anika was at the dance club until 3:00 a.m.
7. Juliana is quiet and shy.
8. Anika doesn’t like being alone.

3. Circle the correct word.

1. Pietro es quiet. He enjoys / dislikes talking.
2. Salma is outgoing. She enjoys / dislikes meeting new people.
3. Chen is friendly. He enjoys / dislikes talking with the other people
4. Naomi is shy.She enjoys / dislikes meeting new people.
5. Enrico is not a party animal. He enjoys /dislikes going out.
6. Max is a party animal. He enjoys / dislikes going out.

4. Write the opposites.

different dislike outgoing quiet stay home

1. shy: outgoing
2. noisy: quiet
3. go out: stay home
4. same: different
5. like: dislike

ACTIVITY 2:Study Unit 2, lesson “B”.Complete exercises 1, 2 and 3 of your workbook.

1. Circle for a since.

1. I have known Elsa for / since two years.
2. Tina has taught this class for / since September.
3. Jasmine has worked in the store for /since last year.
4. We have lived in Miami for / since six months.
5. Kelly has had her car for / since 2007.
6. They have been in the library for / since 4:00 p.m.
7. I have studiedcomputers for / since two weeks.
8. They have been in our class for / since Tuesday.

2. Complete the sentences. Use have or has.

1. How long have you had your car.
2. How long have I known you?
3. How long have they lived in this city?
4. How long has studied Spanish?
5. How long has been in Canada?
6. How long have we worked here?

3. Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect.1. Bianca works in a restaurant. She has worked there for five years.
2. Federico and Sonya live in Brazil. They have lived there since April.
3. My sister an I study piano. We have studied piano for fifteen years.
4. Mei Lin has a motorcycle. She has had a motorcycle since 2005.
5. Mrs. Green teaches English. She has taught English for twelve years.
6. Tom is student. He has been a studentfor three months.

ACTIVITY 3: Study Unit 3, lesson “A”. Develop exercises 3, 4 and 5 of your workbook.

1. Mary hasn’t read this book. She is going to borrow it from me.
2. The neighbors are not quiet. They are noisy all the time.
3. Meg thanked Tina for help. She always appreciates Tina’s help.
4. I borrowed ten dollars from you. Here’s two dollars, so I now owe you eight dollars.
5. Myneighbors were so noisy last night. I complained to the apartment manager.
6. Our old washing machine makes a lot of noise. Our new washing machine is quiet.
7. Could you do me a favor and babysit my children tonight?
8. My daughter wants her friend to comer over, but I said no. It’s a school night.

4. Circle the correct word.

1. Rita lent / borrowed a ladder to Amy.
2. Amy lent /borrowed a ladder from Rita.
3. My friend lent / borrowed a book from me.
4. I lent / borrowed a book to my friend.
5. Pete lent / borrowed his bicycle to Mark.
6. Mark lent / borrowed a bicycle from Pete.

5. Complete the sentences. Use lend or borrow.

1. Could you lend me some money? I want to buy a cup of coffee.
2. I can’t lend you my cell phone right now. It’s broken.
3. Could I borrowyour dictionary? I forgot how to spell this word.
4. Do you want to borrow my umbrella? It’s raining outside.
5. He didn’t borrow my jacket, so he was very cold.
6. I sometimes have to lend money to my daughter. I hope she finds a job soon.

ACTIVITY 4: Study Unit 4, lesson “B” exercises 1 and 2 of your workbook. Complete the paragraph in exercises 1 and write sentences in exercises 2. Use...
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