Left luggage

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  • Publicado : 9 de octubre de 2010
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“Left Luggage”
Main characters:
 Chaya Silberschmidt
 Simcha Kalman
 Mrs. Kalmanh
While escaping from Nazis during the WWII, a Jewish man dug suitcases full of things dearto his heart in the ground two. He keeps checking old maps and keeps digging, trying to find, in fact, those he lost. His daughter Chaya is a modern girl who is looking for a job. One friendrecommends her a part time job as a nanny for an hassidic family with 3 children. One of the reasons she is accepted is that mother of the family is absolutely overburdened by the household,so Chaya stays over the resistance of the father. She develops a special love with Simcha ,one of the childrens that has 4 year old, who seems incapable of speaking. She helps him to speak.Then everyday she goes with Simcha to the park that has a pond with beautiful ducks, so he envelops an especial love with Chaya and the ducks. Unfortunately, one day Simcha goes alone to the parkand he falls into the pond, while chasing the ducks he loved so much, but he don’t know to swim so he dies ,some in the community hold Chaya responsible for his death.

*The women can’t enter to the bedroom of his husband.
* The women can’t use another thing that a long skirt.
* Nobody can see the hair of a women, only his husband.
* Since childrensthey have to already know the 4 questions.

Message: Never forget to say “I love you” because you don’t know if you are going to see the person again and that in other religions the womenis so discriminated because they can’t work or use jeans.

Is very important express your feelings when you can because you never know what is going to happen the next day, may that yourloved ones left you and you never say them “I love you” and you have to accept your religion and your roots. You have to accept your parents and their wishes even if you are disagree with them.
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