Legado cultural de las primeras sociedades humanas

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The general José Dolores estrada was born in the city of nandaime, in the department of granada, the 16 of may of 1972, being his parents dontimoteo estrada and doña gertrudis ford, both of very humble economic condition. The house in which it was born, was located to one hundred fifty twigs to the east of the parochial temple.

It wasbaptized by the prebistero and beneficiario of the parish of nandaime, don buenaventura gutierres, according to the religious rites of the catolic church. His first letters studied them in a private smallschool. By its precarious economic situation. Its adolescence slid personallay in the small property that had their parents, cooperanting in the agricultural working the eart.

Tjis influences in itscorporal strenght and contributes to the formation of its character sings and determined. Its military specialty was not unexpected began as welded flat and was ascending according to its merits likeall worthy military man.

The first historical news of some importance about its life, we found it when mr. Estrada has reached his thirty five years old and, the 26 of february of 1827, figure inthe first fraticida war of don manuel antonio of the bristle and don juan arguel, showing the degree of sergeant of the arguellistas troops, in an ambush against soldiers of bristle,commanded by pedrobenito pineda, in the borders of the district of jalteva in granada in 1848, under the administration of don noberto ramirez, it appears signing, in quality of minister ad hoc of the acting head ofthe state, don lawyer benito rosales, i veto to the law in which the transfer of the capital of the republic of the city from managua to the one of leon was ordered.

The 9 of august of 1851 ofcaptain of the military services of the state was confer a rank to him, like head of the first company of the battalion of managua. In the month of january of 1855 colonel is promoted to the rank of...
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