Legalización de drogas

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  • Publicado : 4 de mayo de 2010
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When speaking of drugs we can easily relate this subject to the delinquency since crimes related to the illegal drug use exist although they are in its majority nonviolent andfrequently smaller. The economic-compulsive crimes to obtain drugs, like the robbery and the theft, are more common that the violent aggression induced by drugs. However, the effects of illicit drugs, thedelinquency and the violence are extremely detrimental for the local communities at micro-social level, since the members of those communities must live in the middle of illicit drug markets where thedelinquency and the violence are always present, and the threat of the delinquency and the violence.
The delinquency and the violence related to the illegal drug use take different forms in thedifferent layers from the society. There are different forms from delinquency and violence related to the international posters, there is violent crimes perpetrated by individual drug addicts or againstthem, and are innocent individuals catches in the crossfire of the violent drug cultures. In several studies a relation between the illegal drug use and other penal crimes is determined, including theviolent crimes. The studies of tactical missions of delinquents who have committed violent crimes as those of homicide and robbery indicate that the illegal drug use usually is a critical factor. Theviolence that affects to some families and some communities is not, without a doubt, simply a consequence of the illegal use and local the illicit drug traffic. The tie violence to the illicit drugtraffic can also reflect a culture of very ingrained violence in certain communities that has other origins.
Crime, violence and drug use go hand in hand. Six times as many homicides are committed bypeople under the influence of drugs, as by those who are looking for money to buy drugs. Drug use changes behavior and implement the criminal activity, and there are scientific evidence that...
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