Legalizacion de la prostitucion

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  • Publicado : 11 de julio de 2010
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June 28th 2010 Paula Andrea Cubillos

Legalization best way to change the vision of an oldprofession.

Our world has been developing thanks to some different kinds of professions such as engineering, medicine, mathematics, and so on. These have helped to create the new advances that we cansee in our environment and most of them have been really useful to facilitate our lives. But at the same time that those professions were having success, there were other "dark professions" the mostprevalent accepted by society and not much useful to the society it is the prostitution; one of the oldest professions in the world who has provided sexual pleasure to many people, and social issuesand riches to people related with this act. According to this and complementing it with some research, prostitution is defined as: "the act of engaging in sexual intercourse or performing other sexacts in exchange for money, or of offering another person for such purposes."
Since prostitution appeared, a long time ago, it has been attacked by opponents who believes that it´s an immoral act whichconstitute a way to corrupt the human mind´s even that it’s the beginning of all the issues and illness that afflict our society nowadays and because of that they have tried to destroy prostitutionby using different tactics such as, “strong” laws, excommunicating people from their religion, killing prostitutes, dishonoring and excluding prostitutes form social circles and many other ways. But ifprostitution is the cause of big illnesses like AIDS, HIV and social problematic like women discrimination, dishonor, and unwanted pregnancies there is not another way to try to solve this ratherthan do the previous mentioned stuff? Now is when a the question now is, should the government legalize prostitution with the propose of reducing the issues that it cause to our society?
It´s true...
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