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Leishmaniasis information resources

Training and advocacy materials
The e-compendium is a geo-referenced bibliographical tool that provides researchers, health professionals andstudents with compilation of peer-reviewed literature on leishmaniasis epidemiology, made available via the Internet. It provides valuable aid for academicians for teaching and training health workers.Cutaneous leishmaniasis. Why are you neglecting me?
Geneva, World Health Organization, 2007
Ref: WHO/CDS/NTD/IDM/2007.3
"A WHO film series on Leishmaniasis. This advocacy and training materialincludes three documentary films about the impact of leishmaniasis in three different countries endemic to the major forms of disease:.
[wmv format]
Kala-azar, inside proverty (Ethiopia, 30 minutes) |Spanish version
Kala-azar, Rajiv's journey (Nepal, 30 minutes) | Spanish version
The mark of the jungle (Peru, 42 minutes) | Spanish version

Documents and publications

Interventions forAmerican cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis
Review, The Cochrane Collaboration 2009, Issue 2 by U. González, M. Pinart, M. Rengifo-Pardo, A. Macaya, J. Alvar, J. A. Tweed.
Interventions for OldWorld cutaneous leishmaniasis
Review October 2008. The Cochrane Collaboration
Visceral leishmaniasis: what are the needs for diagnosis, treatment and control?
Nature reviews & Microbiology Vol.5,Nov.2007, 873
Report of the Fifth Consultative Meeting on Leishmania/HIV Coinfection
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 20–22 March 2007
Ref: WHO/CDS/NTD/IDM/2007.5
Report of a WHO informal consultation onliposomal amphotericin B in the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis
Rome, Italy, 16 April 2005
Ref: WHO/CDS/NTD/IDM/2007.4
Urbanization: an increasing risk factor for leishmaniasis, WeeklyEpidemiological Record, 77, 44, 1 November 2002,
pdf, 193kb
Cutaneous leishmaniasis, Afghanistan, Weekly Epidemiological Record, 77, 29, 19 July 2002,
pdf, 104kb
New therapy for visceral leishmaniasis,...
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