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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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SEALS: The main feature of the seals is that they not have ears and hind limbs are directed backwards and are not functional in the grounddisplacement.
PENGUINS: Most penguins have a white breast and black back and head. Many species exhibit red stains, orange or yellow on the headand neck. Because their short legs are situated in a very backward, penguins assume an upright position when on land.
OCTOPUS: The eight arms ofthe octopus have suckers sticky and converge on the animal's body, in their point of convergence have the mouth fitted with a horny beak. In thehead houses the eyes, well developed, the brains and three hearts, two of them pump blood to both gills and the third to the body. In themantle are located the other viscera, as the ink tank they use to escape predators, also have a siphon, which unlike the squid, you can changedirection, with expelling a lot of water, thus promoting a high speed.

DOLPHINS: Dolphins measured between two and nine feet long, have a fusiformbody and large head, long snout and a single blowhole on top of the head. They are carnivores.

SEAHORSE: The name of the seahorse is due tothe peculiar like that has his head with the horse; his body is covered with armor plates or rings of bone formation. The female is the onlyanimal species where it is fertilized is the male. The female inserts its eggs mature within the male's brood pouch, where they are fertilized.
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