Lenguage y literatura from a indian perspective

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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English 090
March 03, 2011

“Language and Literature from a Pueblo Indian Perspective”, by Leslie Marmon Silko
And “The Dream Keeper” The movie wrote by John Fusco. After reading the article andwatching the movie, this essay will discuss how they both are related and if the writers coincide or not that storyteller draws the story from the audience and that pueblo expression resemble a spiderweb with many little threads radiating from the center, crisscrossing one another. (Silko 96)
Leslie Marmon Silko states “that storytellers draw the story from the audience”, based in the readingwhat she means is indigenous people are a unique culture who relates the environment and other people’s experience to create story, and storytellers are inheritors of this culture and practice todrawing stories from their audience.
One of the examples that Silko gives us is her article is the case of a man who were very sad because he had lost the car that had just bought, he was telling to thepeople that the arroyo (stream, gutter) had took it, and the listeners or audience became storytellers and told him stories about other people who had lost their cars in the same arroyo but even moretragically because family were inside the car. The purpose of this “storytelling” is to calm down the sadness of the man and keeping the clan (people) together.
In the movie “Dream Keeper”Grandpa Pete as a storyteller is taking his grandson’s own experiences to bring up several stories of similar experiences that happened to their ancestors many years ago, one of the storyteller’s purposesis that the listener his grandson Shane be aware of his origin, who is he, where he comes from. Grandpa tells to Shane many stories that have to go generation to generation one of the more importantindigenous practices. All the stories are good example of drawing them from the audience, but a particular one is when Pete and Shane on their way to Powwow were asked by a red hair man for a ride to...
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