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Survey results

This survey was applied to the students of 3rd semester of foreign languages program in the University of Pamplona Colombia in order to help the researcher develop this research.The total population was 29 students who were observed several times by the researcher, and the total population to which the survey was applied was 22 students.

First of all, the results gatheredfrom the survey and the observations differ a little bit because during the observation the researcher had the opportunity to observe and gather real, veridical and reliable data and during the surveymost of the students were not willing to participate. As a result the following report is going to be based on both the observations and the survey.

After have studied the results of the survey andhave compared them with the observations, it can be seen that according to the survey the number of students that really liked to speak English during English classes was 81% but after have comparedthose results with the results gathered from the observation, it can be concluded that less than 50% of the students of third semester really like speaking English during their classes.

Almost 70%of the whole population (22 students) said that they sometimes feel confident when speaking English and only 17% of the students always participate in class despite that almost 78% of them affirmedthat class participation was their priority.

These results show that they have the will to participate but they do not do it, and when they must do it they (almost 50%) participate to fulfill theirteacher commands.

Most of them (almost 75%) affirmed that class participation helps develop oral fluency, but only 35% of them speak English and participate in class, and only 40% speak English totheir teacher.
To conclude, based on the data gathered, it can be said that the students that participate the most during the class are the ones with the best pronunciation and fluency according to...
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