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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Oral Presentation
If I were Les Paul in heaven

Hi buddys I’m Lester William Polsfuss known as Les Paul on the music world. I was from Wisconsin, USA. I was born on Waukesha inJune 9th in 1915. At 8 years old I started to be interested on music and when I became 13, I was a semi-professional guitarrist of country music. On the early 30’s I startedworking on different jazz proyects on the radio and with some blues artists like Georgia White. After some years I was so dissatisfied from the guitars that were manfactured at mid ofthe 30’s, so I decided to experiment by myself with some disigns of my own. This experimental time resulted on the creation of “The Log”, that was neither more than a solid block of4” by 4” pine, with a bridge, two pickups and a Gibson neck. After playing on public the people didn’t like the appearance of the guitar, so I added the body of an Epiphone guitarat the sides. “The Log” was the first solid body electric guitar and it influenced the manufacturing of most of the actual guitars. I mean with this guitar you could go out to eatquietly and when you returned, the note would continue to sound. I made a revolution on the way of recording music. I recorded in multiple tracks to give songs more filling sound,since the 40’s when nobody thought on doing it. I continue bringing some new staff on the recording industry using overdubbing, delay effects and other innovating techniques. In1954 I design and created with Ampex factory the first 8-track recorder machine.
Honestly, I never struggled too much to become an Edison. The only reason I invented these thingswas because I did’t have them, but needed them. The truth is that I had no choice. So this are some things I’ve done on my life. I was so pleased to meet you.

Jawxen Guitar Man
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