Lesson plan about food

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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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Teacher name: Anabell Hernandez GutierrezDulce María Padilla Date: September 28th 2010Number of Students: 10-15Level: Basic | Assumptions: Ss may already know some food vocabularyAnticipatedProblems: Ss may have problems grouping food in categoriesSkill: Vocabulary, grammar & speakingTime: 50 minutes |
General Objective: Ss will identify food vocabulary by organizing thefood items in their food groups. |
Stage | SpecificObjective | Procedure | Material | Time |
Warm Up | Ss will be introduced into the class by answering some question | Greet Ss.Tr. Willask students some questions. How many of you like eating junk food? (like hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza etc) Do you eat healthy food? Do you know how food is organize or divided into groups? || 5 min |
Activity 1 | Students will categorize food vocabulary in their respective group. | Tr. Will give food flashcards to the ss. Tr. Will give instructions.Tr. Will ask students toidentify where their flashcard belongs to. Tr. Will ask students to complete the activity 1 from the students’ book. | Flashcards, board & book | 15 min |
Activity 2 | Students willlabel each flashcard with their respective name | Tr. Will give ss an envelop with the names of the foodTr. Will give instructionsTr. Will ask ss to label the flashcards with the words of theenvelop. Tr. Will check if every item is well label. | Labels & Flashcards | 10 min |
Activity 3 | Ss will prepare a role play using the previous food vocabulary | Tr. Will giveinstructionsTr. Will ask students to prepare a role play about food. Ex: (an appointment with a nutritionist, hiring a physical trainer, eating in a junk food restaurant, and eating in a healthyrestaurant) | Chairs, desk | 10 min |
Closing | Ss will prepare a role play using the previous food vocabulary | Tr. Will choose some students to present their role plays. | | 10 min |
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