Lesson plan ordering food

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Lesson Plan
Restaurant Menu

Speaking Skills - Asking Questions
Students (even higher level students) often learn very simple conversations regarding ordering food in a restaurant. They usuallyuse the same vocabulary every time they practice a conversation.
This simple lesson focuses on helping higher (intermediate to upper intermediate) level students focus on a more difficult and variedvocabulary related to ordering food.
Aim: Improving speaking confidence when ordering food in a restaurant.
Activity: Review of food items they already know and use when practicing ordering inrestaurants followed by a role play of questions and answers using would/’d like.
Level: Intermediate to upper intermediate
* Ask the students about the food items they would order in arestaurant (write the question-what food would you order in a restaurant?-while you write it down on the top section of the board). Then write the answers you get from the students.
* Show the classan enlarged copy of the restaurant menu. Put it on the board and elicit the students to talk about it, asking the following questions:
* What’s the name of the restaurant?
* Have youever been to this restaurant?
* Is this a regular menu or a special menu? Why?
* How many categories of food are there in the menu?
* How many items can you choose from eachcategory?
* What food will they serve you first?
* What will they serve you at the end of your meal?
* How much do they charge per person?
* Does the special include a drink?* Once you finish asking the questions write down the new vocabulary (right section of the board).
* On the left section of the board write down a prompt for practicing questions using would liketo order a three course meal. Practice the pronunciation of the words appetizer, entrée, dessert, drink. Write down a structure table to help students answer the questions using would/’d like.
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