Lesson plan preparation (simple past)

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Lesson Plan Preparation

Level: Intermediate

Theme: Simple Past (regular and irregular verbs)
Simple past (affirmative and negative form)

Lesson Length: 50 minutesMaterials: board, different color markers, copies of a Past Tense Verb Dialogue, flash cards of regular and irregular verbs.

Objectives: To know the two different types of verbs (regulars and irregulars)To be able to use affirmative and negatives sentences in simple past.

Target language: subject + simple past verb + complement
Subject + auxiliaryDIDN’T + verb in simple form + complement.


1. Teacher sticks some flash card around the board
2. Teacher explains the function on simple past with a time line.
- InEnglish, when we talk about an action that has already happened we often use the simple past. (5 minutes)

Simple past simple present future

3. Teacher explainsthe two different types of verbs and put the verbs below in the correct column and in the correct from. (5 minutes)

- Verbs can be regular and irregular verbs
- Regular verbs in thepast tense end in “ed”
- Irregular verbs have different endings
Simple past

4. Once teacher has explained the two types of verbs, students has to form groups of three student and thenteacher has to give them a copy with a conversation in past tense.
- Students have to look for verbs in part tense and underline them. Then the teacher is going to ask them what kind of verbsthat they are.
(10 minutes)

5. Negatives sentences are introduced.
- Teacher explains the structure of negative sentence. (4 minutes)

Subject + Auxiliary DIDN’T +Verbs in simple form + Complement
I didn’t study last week
She didn’t brush...
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