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English Lesson Plan
Instructions for writing messages

-To provide opportunities to engage learners in authentic conversations
-To learn how to respond to this specific situation inthe real world in English through role playing.

Suggested/Recommended Grades:

First level University.


Tape Recorder , Color Papers


Warm up : Point to wordsand phrases on board and ask students what they think we will be talking about today.

back - Could - hang on - help in - leave - speaking - this -to - message

1. LanguageFocus

1.1 Instructions for writing messages
1.2 Telephone Messages
1.3 Be Back Soon Notes

1.1. Instructions for writing messages:
These importantpoints should be included in your formats.
1. Name of caller
2. Date and time of calling
3. Phone numbers of callers
4. Person who takes message


Telephone MessageDate: December 25 Time: 3.00 p.m.
Telephone call for Mr. Gary Gellelr
Caller’s name. Miss Mary Smith
Caller’s number 02-547-6986
Messages The meeting on Friday is postpone to next Monday.
Takenby Usa

1.2. Telephone Messages:
For the telephone messages, grammar is not critical; instead,              comprehensibility is what matters. Given this, short sentences,phrases
and   even words are acceptable.

1.3. Be Back Soon Notes:
Give one note to the roommate. When people ask for the person, the roommate will convey the informationin the note to the caller.

I’m going to the college to talk to
my professor.
Be back at 2.00.
- Tomoko
I’m going down town to havelunch.
Be back at 4.00.
- Frieds

Listen a Conversation then repeat after the teacher

Conversation 1.
Hello may I help you?