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Unit 1: Important Days and Holidays / Lesson Plan No.11
Class Objective: at the end of this lesson the students will identify the months of the year, and some important holidays.
Activity 1 /Months Review
Aim: To review the months of the year.
* Teacher will show to the students flashcards of the months of the year, and will say out loud their names.
* Students have torepeat after the teacher three times.
* Teacher will repeat this two times.
Preparation: if students do not repeat the vocabulary teacher will stop and start clapping so that students focustheir attention on the teacher, then teacher will continue with review.
Materials: Flashcards of the months of the year.
Timing: 7 minutes

Activity 2 / Calendar Song
Aim: To review the months ofthe year.
* Teacher will write on the board the lyrics of the song.
* Then, teacher will read the lyrics and have students repeat after him / her. This will be repeated threetimes.
* Teacher will play the song once so that students can hear it and get familiar with the tune.
* Finally, teacher will have students stand up next to their seat and will play the song; thestudents will sing the song four times: 2 times all together, 1time only girls, and the last time only boys.
Preparation: if students have difficulties to follow the song, the teacher will sing italone so as to show to the students how to do it.
Materials: Whiteboard, markers, laptop and speakers, and the track of the song.
Timing: 10 minutes.

Activity 3 / What month is it?
Aim: Toanswer to the question what month is it?
* Teacher will have students deduce the meaning of the question: “What month is it?”, for example:
T: what month is it? Do you know?
Ss: ???T: is it January, December or June.
Ss: aahh… February!!!
T: yes! It is February!
* Then, teacher will write the question on the whiteboard so that students identify its written form.
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