Lesson planing

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Lesson planning

Lesson planning is essential preparation for teaching. Even good experienced teachers plan and make a few notes. It avoids going mechanically through the book or improvising wholelessons. Decide where a specific lesson fits into a week’s work plan, and establish specific objectives. Activities and material should be appropriate for your specific group of learners as well asthe course objectives. Most lessons should include a warm-up, a main activity or activities, and a wind-down. A spare activity is also useful in case the lesson goes faster than anticipated.


You must be able to get the learners’ attention quickly when you need it, for example, when giving instruction or explanations. There are non-verbal ways of doing this which avoidineffectual and irritating shouting. For activities to work well, instructions should be clear, but also check comprehension and demonstrate the activity if necessary. Pair and groupwork require carefulmonitoring too. Learner participation, especially voluntary participation, depends largely on interest, involvement, and encouragement. Both teachers and learners need to pay varying roles. Discipline,the main preoccupation of some teachers of children and adolescents, is largely achieved through planning, interesting topics and activities, motivation, fairness, and respect. If discipline problemsdo occur, maintain fairness and respect even when giving a punishment.

Different teaching situations.

Two common teaching situations are working with children and working with large groups.Young children require lessons with a variety of concrete tasks (for example, moving around, doing things, repeating their favorite songs), frequent changes of activity, and an affectionate atmosphere.There are no magic, guaranteed solutions to the problems of large groups. However, it is vital to get co-operation from the majority of the group. It is also useful to form teams, with the stronger...
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