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Well, I'm going to tell something about the book "Lestat the vampire" this book was written by Anne Rice the second in her Vampire Chronicles
inthis book, lestat who is a vampire tells his own story since childhood up to the present time as a vampire.
the story tells us that when Lestat was achild he always was different to his brothers and how he was the youngest son and he didnt want to be heir of their little fortune
Time later, peoplein lestat's ville were tired of the attacks of a pack of wolves that killed their cattle and asked lestat if he could finish them up, then he went witha gun, a sword and his dogs to fight the wolves but he almost died. but, he came home when no one believed that he alone killed the wolves. Then allpeople went to thank him and give him presents for his favour and here he met his best friend Nicolas and time later they decided to go to Paris andmake their dreams real.
there Nicolas and Lestat worked in a little theatre Nicolas as a musician and, Lestat as an actor assistant . When he isfinally allowed to participate in a play, he feels a strange presence and can see his pale face among the people for the first time.
That night, whenNicolas went to the bed, the person that lestat saw in the theatre, this person of pale skin was in the room in front of him, with a sneer. Then he takeshim with a fierce force and which he resists, but it was useless. Then they went to a place outside of paris, where lestat Is transform in vampire.
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