Let’s give the world a chance, so the world can save us

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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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Let’s give the World a chance, so the World can Save Us
The world suffers an immense amount of damage every day, putting it in serious danger of collapsing. The climate changes, the cut of trees, and species in danger of extinction are topics in the news, schools, and wild life magazines. But the solution is simple and easy. Jack Ewing in his book, Monkeys are made of Chocolate, tells hisreaders that, Homo sapiens must live in equilibrium with the natural resources, plants, animals and care of human interference with the environments of the natural mother.
The salvation of humanity and all the flora and fauna who share planet Earth rest on the decisions of mankind. Simple organisms have lived in the world for millions of year. However, species are now becoming extinct at anincredible rate. In the words of Paul Hawken author of The Ecology of Commerce, “…it has been to detriment of the millions of other species on the planet which, at this time, are going extinct at a rate of over 10,000 per year…” (Good 62). Some people think that they own the world. They abuse and destroy their environment with the excuse of civilization. How much longer can Planet Earth support ourdestruction of the natural world? As Ewing states, “Habitat destruction, contamination with chemicals and waste, depletion of the protective covering in the stratosphere, and global warming are damaging and destroying entries ecosystems” (Cards 187).
Unfortunately, planet Earth manifests the missing of equilibrium, and men must try to understand what is happening to the world. The equilibrium in ourenvironment is our responsibility. The Homo sapiens are not the dominant species. Ewing stated in Monkey are made of chocolate that, “Our dominion over nature is usurping a high percentage of the natural resources on the planet and thereby destroying other living things that depend on those same resources” (Cards 187). Every day the world loses its natural diversity, thus the environment losesequilibrium and species are disappearing because of this dangerous cycle. Ewing stales that; “Species are becoming extinct even before we discover and name them” (Cards 187).
“The pyramid of life is beginning to sag” (Cards 187). Planet Earth needs an opportunity to regrow and the respect for all the species in our environment. It is a fact that if given a chance, our planet Earth will restore allthe damage that it has taken. Mother Earth can restore itself and come back into equilibrium, but it needs a chance. The best example for that is the “Hacienda Baru a National Wildlife Refuge, with 815 acres of nature reserve, located on the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica” (Preface xiii). The Hacienda Baru was deforested, plagued with mosquitoes, bats, and other over populated species. Themain activity in Hacienda Baru was farming. However, when Jack Ewing and his team took over the hacienda they did a great restoring it. They disappeared all the traces of farming and converted the Hacienda into a natural wildlife refuge. Today it is a world famous biological refuge. In accordance with the philosophic and true words of Ewing, “we are supposedly the most intelligent life form on thisplanet. We can learn from our mistakes, and we urgently need to learn better ways to interact with our environment” (Blood 86).
Jack Ewing is the successful creator of the Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge. He created different works of conservation and protection of the environment including all kinds of predators, because they are part of the equilibrium pyramid of life. “… The presenceof a large spectrum of predators is a clear indicator of a healthy ecosystem. This is especially visible in the tropics where the rainforest harbor a vast diversity of species” (Good 57).
The preservation is a great solution for maintaining equilibrium in our environment. This is an antique activity. As Ewing let us know in monkeys are made of chocolate, “The first game preserves that appear...
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