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What I'd like us to do today is come up with a game plan to help you implement the new procedures. First off, it's essential that you develop an effective communication strategy .
Otherwise, personnel will feel excluded and will put up resistance to the changes. For this reason, I advise you to open a consultation process with staff ASAP. Next, if you want your changeplan to be effective, you'll need to perform a skills audit. Finally, to boost employee motivation and get buy-in ,an incentives program can be very helpful.

If someone says You should aim to give your staff a sense of ownership so that they feel more positive about the restructuring, what would be the most appropriate way to respond?

The person is advising to redistribute roles in thedepartment.
If I were you, I'd wait until the new procedures were clearly thought out before announcing anything to staff.

And yet, for a smooth transition, it's vital that you garner support among your staff.
Y ya, para un cambio tranquilo, es vital que tu consigas apoyo entre tu personal.

getting staff behind you is key to successful change.
Well, one of our priorities should be looking athow to tackle that.

One of the first things we need to do is create a strategy to deal with that.
Well if I were you, I'd consult with staff and involve them in designing the training program.
It might be an idea to ask your staff to participate.
in drawing up the training program.= en redactar el programa de formacion.
I'd say it's a priority, yes,
but I'd wait until you've outlined thenew procedures with your personnel.
Pero yo esperaria que tu hayas resumido los nuevos procedimiento con tu personal.
Although it's a very important step in my opinion, I'd suggest waiting until you've informed staff,
about your plans and objectives.
Effective communication is essential. It's really important that your staff learn about the changes from you.

The budget allocated to eachdepartment to cover their ongoing projects over the course of the coming year.

Reports on the different ongoing projects and events in each department.

A specific problem that affects all of the different departments and their ongoing projects.

The general problems that need to be addressed during the Executive Committee meeting.

Which departments include some negative accounts in theirreports in point 4?

The Production Department, because of a hold-up in production due to faulty machinery, and the Finance Department, because of the unexpected expense incurred in buying new machinery.

The Sales Department, because figures for the City are poor, and the Production Department, because the designs for the new Verano have still not been finalised.

The Human ResourcesDepartment, because it has received too many applications from graduates, and the Sales Department, because the Verano is being replaced in July.

The Finance Department, because revenue can only cover production for the next eight months, and the Marketing Department, because of negative press coverage.

Before tackling the agenda, the minutes of the last meeting had to be read and agreed .signed and delivered
read and corrected
amended and agreed
read and agreed

Marketing strategies developed for the old Verano will also be used for the new Verano.
A marketing plan for launching the new Verano will soon be devised.
Current sales figures for the new Verano are very promising.
Sales strategies for the new Verano will be developed next month.

There were apologiesfrom the chairperson and so the secretary was forced tochair the meeting.


Christina wanted toschedule a one-on-one meeting with her boss in order to discuss upcoming projects.

Machines for production of the new Verano were found to be faulty.
Machines for production of the new Verano will be delivered next month once...
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