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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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Dear friend.

The letter that you just received is written in 2010. If only to talk of a smart device, I think you might be interested. Wecall this machine computer or PC. The computer is almost indispensable in our lives; we use it for anything everyday.

I'll describe howyou have this equipment to give you an idea. It is shaped like a giant book made of metal, part plastic contains a table with all the letters ofthe alphabet and numbers and a driver for the hand-shaped mouse. You see things you can do with your computer, because it has a very finescreen as the film but small. These devices can only be used at home, so we also have computers to take it with you. These it like an open book,very rigid and without pages, with a screen, keyboard and mouse.

Now that I have described the way it has let me try to explain that we usein our lives. The computer, is used in many aspects, the communication between us, looking for any information that you need, study, write,listen music, watch movies, play many games, draw, meet people from around the world, read, learn, see photos and more. So here I warn you of afew years, you will enjoy this technology called computer.

I hope that if you do not believe me, young people who survive to see itsomeday remember this letter I have sent.
I’m so nice to be able to communicate with you.
, from your future.

Andrea Roldán Agüero
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