Letter to my dad

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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Letter to my dad ..

First of all I want to thank the good times and be with you. thanks for all the teachings as given to me and all theadvice I too served an erase the best people in my life and I do not know if you are distance of me, the type of parent who is all cool butat the same time ever were there for what I need and when you thing you need is. raly I can tell you the best of all no more or you arewithout doubt the best of the best and I'm very proud of that, I have no such tell you all rally to purchase Need any other life give thank youand my mom all you deserve to hear.
her know that whenever I Need I'll be there for whatever you want,
Give us all the old cast veintogether just you and I think the best was an because is the excellent step with you. and that we deserve another trip to LA and go to Dodgerstadium to eat pizza and ice creams and have the best locations around the stadium and then we go to dinner last shamshiri would be wrong andnot because the mall less.
truth is that you know all that You Need to Know I want you to know I love you ; I love anything that has to dowith you the way you are your scent that you Sizemore half of your perfume whole pot of your speech and above all your writing (joke) theway you are
Dad are super important to me, to me our family is the best we are united and we love a lot and are always for each other
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