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Manchester City
July 9th
Dear Jane,

It´s was pretty fantastic when we saw a few weeks ago. Honestly I didn´t hope that because I’mreally busy so I don´t have time to see my old friends. I also think that we must get together more often, we have to talk.
I mean we need tohave a time for us. It could be a good idea and of course I accept your idea. I´ll be at the restaurant, it´s going to be a fun and interestingevening I want tell some things that had happened and you don´t know about that.
I think that we could be at the restaurant at 8 o´clockwould you like that time? Also I was thinking about inviting the friends of high school, well I have some telephone numbers but not all ourfriends you have to send the invitation also to the whole class and depend of that we can have another meeting with them I suppose!
Well whatI can say about me. I have been working in an international trade company here in Manchester City. I have been working here for 4 months.Before I changed to this city I was living in an apartment of London but I was just for 1 year because I was doing business with an insuranceCompany ¨ London Insurances¨
That´s all I can tell I hope to see you in the restaurant in order to tell or talk about our friends of highschool and I would like to get away to the same working routine. I hope a call or e-mail from you. Okay!

Mario Alejandro
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