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Hey what’s up friend? How are you? Well i hope fine, I’m writing this letter to tell you that i was in Belmont and i triedto marry Portia, first of all i told her that the color of my skin its black because i live in a place that have a lot of sun, i think’sthat she understand me, Her answer was like i’m not that kind of womens that judges by apperarances.
She told me the rules, it was soooburing, like the rules are, i was like whatt?? Are you kidding me? but i listened to her because she’s so beautiful, really trust me i was soexcited to have the opportunity to marry her, but if i take the wrong casket i can’t marry an other woman never, that was so sad because ireally don’t have good luck so i just prepare my self for the hard moment, she showed me the room where the caskets are, when i seen them i wasscared of my luck, i read the 3 caskets and the best one for me was the gold casket it said a kind of poetry it said the person whochooses me will have what many men want, i think that the gold was the best for me so i choose that one, when i opened there was some lines ofpoetry that said good bye Young sir i was sad just because i can’t marry never again, so i said good bye and left Belmont.
Friend i justwanna tell you that when you be there don’t choice the gold one good luck and we have to see eachother.
Love youu … princee of morroco
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