Lewis structure

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lewis model is a graphical representation showing the bonds between atoms of a molecule and pairs of electrons. lewis diagram can be used both to represent molecules formed by the union of atoms bycovalent bonds and coordination related complex.

Who do the purpose: lewis structure was proposed by Lewis Gilbert who introduced for first time in 1915 in his article of the molecule and atom.In what consist: Shows the different atoms of a given molecule using gist chemical symbol, lines that are drawn between atoms that bind to one another, to and sometimes used items underside of lines.separated electrons are represented by a line or a couple of points.

How obtain the Lewis structure: · Observe the type and number of atoms that is the compound from its chemical formula.
·Determine the number of valence electrons of each atom, for which you can use its position in the periodic table. This information will also know the total number of valence electrons that you are used toconstruct the outlet structure.
· Cartoons a skeleton proposal for the compound. This binds the atoms together with straight lines (they represent shared electron pairs, ie, single bonds). Thisstep can be difficult, since it is not common to have enough information to draw the skeleton. However, and unless you have some other information, it assumes that simple molecules have an atom of anelement and several other atoms, the atom is at the center only.
· Place the points around the atoms so that each has eight electrons (to comply with the octet rule). Remember that hydrogen is anexception and only have two points.
· Check that the total number of valence electrons is reflected in your property. If it is not the case, it may mean a compound that does not satisfy the octet rule(see the section "Error! Not find the source of reference.").
As an example of the use of these rules, Table 5 summarizes the structure determination of points of chloroform, CHCl3. The compound...
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