Ley de acceso a la informacion

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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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I. Problem Statement:
The purpose of this research paper is to analyze theimpact, of the Federal Law for Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information, and how has this law contributed to the democratization process in Mexico.

II. Rationale:
Mexico isliving a consolidation of its democracy, where relevant social and political changes are occurring coming from new ideologies and principles forcing the creation of new institutions and the adjustmentof old ones.
Under this structure, new actors are playing key roles such as the civil society. It is this special actor, which made of transparency and access to public information a need and a rightfor all Mexicans.
It is under this new structure that on June 10 2002, Mexico’s first national freedom of information initiative became the law, guaranteeing the public’s right to request andreceive information from the government
The Law in question is the result of a joint effort between civil society and both legislative and executive powers.

III. Framework:
The policy approach toanalyze the impact of the federal law for transparency and access to governmental public information will follow the public service model of communication.
Considering that one of the characteristicsof the public service model is that access to information is a right of all citizens, and that the main objective of the mentioned law is to make governmental information accessible and public for allcitizens, it makes sense to follow this model.
The law is part of the principle of universality of service, because through it, government creates the institutional and legal framework to ensureaccess to public governmental information for all citizens. On the other hand, the law was first introduced by civil society based out of the public service model that follows the expression of the...
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