Ley de proteccion ambiental de ags

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1. Control of water pollution: Ch. 21.4

Water treatment plants, including chemical and biological treatments

Legislation: quality of water that is sent intothe drain is controlled.

Problems with legislation: Several sources of pollution, inaccurate reports, threat to close and create unemployment, standards for all states and types of industries.2. Effects of air pollution: Ch. 22.3

Acid precipitation
Ozone depletion
Global warming, green house effect

3. Control air pollution: Ch. 22.4

Natural: Rain washes oxides, photosynthesis(CO2)
Artificial: Filters, powder collectors, clean fuels, quality of the air discharged should be controlled.

Sources: Burning fuels, small solid particles

4. Control of habitat destruction:Ch. 23.4

Gene banks: seeds, plants, genetic material is stored before they are destroyed.

Endangered species act of 1973, is a list of endangered species world wide and policies to protectthem.

5. Global Ecosystem, Making policies Ch. 25.1

A policy or Law, should reflect: religion, culture, economy

Economy: Most of our resources are part of our economy.
If theresource is very needed or demanded, its offer should increase and of coarse the price will increase too.
If the resource is not so demanded, the offer decreases and also the price decreases.The supply of resources ( the availability of the resource) is not only naturally managed, also the government can make it unavailable or very available controlling its sell, price, distribution, etc.This concept not only applies to resources that can be owned or purchased, but we also need air, space, climate, etc. these type of resources are difficult to measure as demand-supply.

Totake decisions upon resources control it is necessary to consider: health and environmental risks, benefits and costs.

Policies are a series of actions, incentives, penalties, rules to follow in a...
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