Ley de raoult

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The vapor-liquid equilibrium occurs when there are changes with respect to temperature and pressure of the mixture

The partial fugacities of pure components are equal throughout the system
Rateof vapor-liquid distribution indicating the mole fraction of each species present in two phases at equilibrium.

Roult law is a simplification of the equation for fugacity coefficients whichidealizes the behavior of the vapor and liquid.

Because liquids are not ideal we made a modification of Raoult's law which regards the activity coefficient.

Raoult's Law describes the ideal mixModified Raoult's Law describes the ideal mixture deviated from ideality in the liquid

Nonideal mixtures show deviations in both phases, liquid and gaseous tooth of which the most common areazeotropes.
an azeotrope is a liquid mixture that behaves as a pure compound, the distillation does begin with a constant boiling point and vapor is distilled has the same composition than the liquid soit can not separate its components .

An azeotrope present an inflexion where both curves touch at some point, non-ideal mixture with azeotropic maximum in isothermal and non-ideal mixture withazeotropic minimum in isotherms.
The bubble point is the temperature and pressure at which a liquid mixture begins to boil while the dew point or dew is the temperature and pressure at which the mixtureof vapor begins to condense

Raoult's law is an empirical relationship between the vapor pressure of a solution and its composition. By Francois Marie Raoult in 1886 hen he discovered that thefreezing point of an aqueous solution descended in proportion to the concentration of a solute.
He had fundamental importance for the development of the theory of solutions
to comply strictly real.El potencial químico de un sistema termodinámico es el cambio de energía que experimentaría el sistema si fuera introducida en éste una partícula adicional, con la entropía y el volumen mantenidos...
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