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Sáenz Peña

Set in the heart of Chaco, presidency Roque Sáenz Peña, or better known as Sáenz Peña, is the second city most populated of Chaco.They also call it as the cotton’s capital, because of mining and processing of the cotton or even the thermal, because of the thermal waterwhich are one or the most popular tourist places.

Sáenz Peña has got many impressive sights to see, ranging from the historical museum, which issettled down in the first train station and the old San Roque Cathedral to the theatre, the cinema and there is once a year a big fair called‘Ferichaco’ where you can find a variety of hand-made goods.

As we said before, Sáenz Peña, has got a large number of places to visit. In the middleof the city the thermal water can be found, which has got a great curative value in its water so it is a fantastic place to be comfortable andrelaxed.
Another good option to spend time is the Ecologic Complex and Zoo which is consider one of the most important in the country. It wascreated in 1978, which now has got more or less 2.000 specimenes of 200 spieces and also has got a botanical reserves where you can see high trees,birds and reptiles. Finally there are a few clubs with enormous swimming pools which are excellent is summer.

Sáenz Peña gives you a lot ofactivities to do there, so that you never get bored. This is a place where you will enjoy your holidays or have time far away from your routine.
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