Ley natural (en ingles)

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What is the natural law?

Even thought habbits are often confused with the natural law, each of both have their very own representativecharacteristics; for instance a habit is something we are used to do, dairy acts, etc. But the natural law is an act done oftenly but incontrast with a habit, the natural law achieves the act through the use of Reason.

What are the precepts of the natural law?

The preceptsof the natural law are to the practical reason, what the first principles of demonstrations are to the speculative reason; because both areself-evident principles.
Are all acts of virtue prescribed by the natural law?
An act of virtue is the one done prudently, it is an act ofvirtue when reason its involved on the act, therefore, as acts of virtue involves reason, they are part of natural law.
Is the Natural Lawthe same in all?
Yes, natural law is the same everywhere and in everyone, the only difference is the way we use our reasoning according toour cultural envirorment.

Is it changeable?

Natural law cannot be changed, but we can choose between natural laws or written laws.Can it be abolished from the heart of man?

No, it cannot be abolished from the heart of man, the only way to do so is to kill the personbecause even thought a man is banished or desolated, he cannot be deprived from thinking and according to Rene Descartes: “Cogito Ergo Sum”
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