Leyenda del tenso (inglés)

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Emilio Gamboa Velazco

To my friends
Don Fernando Jiménez Morales
and Mr. Jesús Galicia.

Back in the mists of time when man did not exist, gods and demigods werepopulated the world and life as any human being with passions, mistakes, joys, woes.
Legend has it that there was a god named Tentzon, whose name means "bearded old man," and whose age exceeded memoryknown. It was one of the oldest gods and little was known about its origin.
However, one day, Tentzon fell in love with a daughter younger and more beautiful of the gods: the sweet Malintzin, whosename comes from the voices Malin Nahuatl (the indigenous language name given generally to all women and that means Mother) and Tzin (which means Lady or Princess).
History tells us that, preciselybecause it is a very old god, the other inhabitants of heaven are denied there was any relationship between him and the young Malintzin.
As was tradition, Tentzon appointed an ambassador to ask her handto the lords of the universe. The Ambassador was also very old god whose name was precisely that: Huehuechiki or Ambassador, but is now known as El Pinal, and is a very high hill in the form of treethat is located in the region and Lara Nopalucan Grajales, east of the state of Puebla.
When the request met Tentzon, god-as noted-met to parley three days and three nights, and came to the conclusionthat God was a very old for a girl so young and cute, so who refused the union?
They say that, when conveyed Huehuechiki Tentzon response, it was torn with pain, and sorrow was so great that thesweet Malintzin was moved and took pity on him, awakening in his heart the flame of love.
The girl then went to the lords of heaven to give him a chance old man's beard, but flatly refused, as also agoddess was forbidden to make a request of this nature.

And now was Malintzin who broke into tears.

The lords of the universe, who had not known such pain and a strange love, were moved and...
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