Leyenda negra

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Comente sobre los elementos de la Conquista que contribuyen a la Leyenda Negra. ¿Cómo surgen de nuevo estos rasgos negativos en las rebeliones del siglo 18?

The Spanish conquest sets the beggingof what became the famous “Leyenda Negra”, Black Leyend. The Spanish conquest was a brutal time for all of Latin America. The Aztec and Inca Empire were destroyed along with the Indigenous people wholived in them, all because of obsession for riches from the Spanish. The most known “conquistadores” during the Spanish conquest was Hernan Cortez leading the conquest into Mexico and part of CentralAmerica and Francisco Pizarro conquering part of South America, particularly in Peru. The Spanish conquest was primarily focus was to obtain the finest riches of the new world. Sadly, the hunt forthose riches brought darkness and evil to the Aztecs and the Incas. The Spanish “conquistadorores” submitted the indigenous people into slavery and hard labor, brought down temples, rapped women, claimedtheir riches and land, and lastly slaughtered many lives. Eugenio Chang-Rodriguez the writer of “Latino America” explains that Spanish dominated Latin America with a sword in one hand and a cross inthe other, “Los espanoles dominaron a America con la espada y la cruz” (Chang-Rodriguez 58). The author explains that although the Spanish caused plenty of damage to Latin America they did haveintension of teaching and civilizing the Indigenous. Priest introduced a new religion to the Indigenous that originally believed in pleasing the Gods with sacrifices. As for the Spanish men taught theIndigenous to speak and write.

The dark period is presented ones again during the 18 centuries. Only this time “Las Reliones” began started a path to pursuit of Latin American countries independence.The Indigenous and slaves were tired of mistreats from the Spanish and decided to rebel and to liberate themselves from them. “De ellas tres tuvieron especial importancia: la del Paraguay, la de...
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