La Llorona
This legend began in XVI century when the mexican conquest was done.
But, "La Llorona" has her beginnings in the aztec mythology. They said she was the aztec goddes "Chihuacóatl, The Race Protector".
The aztec people saw her dressed with a white dress on the texcoco lake.
She screamed "Ay, mis hijos" but in lament way.
The legend of "La Llorona" has changed just a little since it began.
Some people say that she screams "Ay mis hijos", but other people say that she justregrets.
The history tells us that she had 3 kids, and she was very sad because her husband left her, and then, she killed her kids and throwed them to a lake. After that, she commited suicide.
A lot of people says that they have seen the spirit of "La Llorona" near of a lake or someplace where there's water. This is because she throwed her kids to a lake and she is trying to find them.
La Mulata de Córdoba
"La mulata de córdoba" was a woman who lived in the XVII century in the city of the samename (Cordoba) in the state of Veracruz.
She was called "mulata" because she's the daughter of, a black person and a spanish gentleman.
Everybody said that she was very beautiful and a good woman.
She was kindly and helped poor people, but she lived alone.
She dedicated to prepare magic potions to cure sadness, remove selfishness and envy.
One day, a jealous woman, denounced in Mexico city of "La Mulata". She said that "La Mulata" was a witch and then, the court sended the inquisitorVillegas to Cordoba to capture her.
She was in the dungeon, close to be killed in the bonfire.
Then, She asked to the jailer if he could bring to her a piece of coal and He satisfied her and brought it.
After a while She called the jailer to show him her drawing. It was a ship.
The jailer was amazed about the drawing, but he was more amazed when "La Mulata" take the ship in the wall, and sailed into it.
After that, the court found the jailer dead, and They never saw "La mulata" again, just [continua]

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