Liber al vel legis and the illuminati cipher

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2012
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Part 1: «Liber AL vel Legis and the Illuminati Cipher»

Greetings to everyone,

This is a message that is related to an older post of mine, called "Ciphers of the Illuminati and the One Dollar bill", which you can read in In this message (which will be structured in three parts) I'll show you somerecent discoveries that I've been making while applying the Cipher of the Illuminati to the text of Liber AL vel Legis, the holiest book of Thelema. Please note: I personally don't think that all these discoveries actually "prove" any claim presenting this cipher as some kind of "key of it all". I wrote this just to show you what I have found, and it is up to all who read this to extract from ittheir own opinions. In the meantime, as I presume some of you may be interested in this subject, I'll leave here a very curious discovery made near to March 5th. Watch the Holy Sigil of the A.'.A.'.

In it you can see the sigil of Babalon hiding the formula 77+(7+7)/7+77 = 156 (Babalon) which circles a form that resembles the greek letter Theta (Θ). Also, in the upper part of the sigil, you cansee a "squared circle", which is a primitive form of the greek letter Theta and the hebrew letter Teth. Theta is the initial of the words "Thelema" (Will) and "Therion" (the Beast), and it was also --in its primitive shape as a point within a circle-the symbol of Ra and Aton, demiurgic solar gods. In the greek isopsephia, the value of "Theta" is 318, which is the value of "Helios", the Sun. As aside note, notice that according to the Illuminati Cipher the word "TETH" sums 51, which has the same value as "CIRCLE", "SUN", "HELIOS", and "PTAH" (egyptian creator god). And by the way, according to the Illuminati Cipher, "Point within a Circle" sums 194, which is the value of "Great Central Sun". Besides all these considerations, which can be expanded to a greater field, notice too that allaround the central Sigil of Babalon there are the words Sigillum Sanctum Fraternitatis A.'.A.'. These words are important,

as it will be shown. According to the Illuminati Cipher, which is this one (as exposed in Abbé Barruel's 1797 book"Memoirs illustrating the History of Jacobinism"): A=12 ....... I,J=4 ...... R=17 B=11 ....... K=3 ........ S=18 C=10 ....... L=2 ........ T=19 D=9 ........ M=1........ U,V=20 E=8 ........ N=13 ....... W=21 F=7 ........ O=14 ....... X=22 G=6 ........ P=15 ....... Y=23 H=5 ........ Q=16 ....... Z=24 ... the values are: SIGILLUM = 18+4+6+4+2+2+20+1 = 57 SANCTUM = 18+12+13+10+19+20+1 = 93 FRATERNITATIS = 7+17+12+19+8+17+13+4+19+12+19+4+18 = 169 AA = 12+12 = 24

Total: 57+93+169+24 = 343 Amazingly enough, 343 is 7x7x7, and this is curious --to say theleast--because there is, as seen, another very explicit numerical reference to multiple 7's. And for the value 343, you have the following correspondences: -> "Hoor-Pa-Kraat" + "Ra-Hoor-Khu" + "Heru-Ra-Ha" (the Horus Trinity) -> "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra" (the I.N.R.I. formula) After calculating the value of "Sigillum Sanctum Fraternitatis A.A." I made, however, another startling discovery. If youadd the value of this sentence to the value of "BABALON" (which can be seen in the same sigil, in a circular fashion around the center) you'll have: 343 (or 7x7x7, as shown) + B(11) + A(12) + B(11) + A(12) + L(2) + O(14) + N(13) = 75 = 418, the qabalistic value of the Word of the Aeon (Abrahadabra)!!!



And now, as promised, here's some of the stuff I've been finding lately about a curious relation between Liber AL vel Legis and the Illuminati Cipher, and how it unlocks some of the riddles in this book. Unless stated otherwise, every time I say "the Cipher" I'll be referring to the Illuminati Cipher.


AL I:24 – "I am Nuit and my word is six and...
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