Liberalism vs realism

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2010
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Liberalism Vs. Realism

The problem that has Colombia and Venezuela is a problem that is divided into 2 systems the Hugo Chavez Liberalism and the Realism of Álvaro Uribe, remember that politicalliberalism is a political ideology that, from the beginning, was based on formal equality versus hierarchical and hereditary power. Their battle flag was that of equal opportunities for all, so thatthe riches were increased based on the free movement of capital. And the realism is one that assumes that the international system is anarchic, meaning that there is a higher authority to the Statesable to effectively regulate the relations between them. Moreover, it assumes that sovereign states are the main players that make up the international system, instead of being the internationalorganizations or multinational corporations. According to realism, each state is a rational actor seeking to maximize their political position within the system through the accumulation of resources formilitary and economic power.
Not always the time Colombia was a realism country, before the government of Álvaro Uribe, Colombia also had some involvement of liberalism because we had limited governmentand the beginning of his mandate Uribe was based on something that was he had to understand that the approach international relations and its main objective was to maintain power at all costs for thatreason had to arm themselves and enlarge their troops for a possible war.
Unlike Hugo Chavez, as a liberal think is best for the individual and that everything has to be something moral, is a personwho wants to enforce human rights and the best way is to break ties with whatever is immoral and differentiate between social classes. Here everything is absolute and the state is he. This is whereeverything falls because Hugo Chavez is a liberalist person tries to break all connections with Colombia and react in a negative way against their neighbors, not all countries that supported him, With...
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