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Since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed with having my own house
I can decorate that with my own tastes and preferences. According to the actual situation to find a goodhousing is almost impossible so many people prefer to buy pieces of ground a then to build their own house.
Right now I'm going to describe each room of my dream house. I need a lot ofspace so I’d love to have a ranch house with 6 rooms besides the kitchen and the restroom.
In the case of my living room I would like to have a big Led TV used for watching movies andentertaining people who are visiting me, stereo, DVD player, sofas and a really beautiful fireplace are also important because they are part of the daily life, for example I would like to haveleather sofas where I could relax from stressful days next to the fireplace where I could keep me warm in winter days.
In my bedroom a big water mattress will be used for relaxing, an alarmclock next to my bed will be used to weak up early and an air conditioner will be used for keeping fresh the room.
In the kitchen I will have a frying pan to put roasting meats, a canopener, a blender, a microwave oven to heat frozen food, food processor to eliminate the rest of food, toaster to make my hot cakes, coffee machine, etc.
In the laundry room a vacuum cleanerwill be used to aspirate all the powder and a washing machine will be used to make me the life easier in the moment of washing my clothes.
In the yard a big swimming pool will be used forsunny days, a lawn mower to take care of my garden and a rake will be used to plant tulips, etc.
Now, talking about outdoors, living near to a subway or an electric train would be quitehelpful to get around easily and another aspect to take into account may be to live near to a university to continue study maybe a Masters or a Ph.D. and a park to exercise every morning.
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