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Principio del formulario

I. Write the name of each room.

a. b.c. d.


Final del formulario
II. Look at pictures in point I and mark each statement true or false. a. There’s a table in thekitchen. True false b. The bathroom has a mirror. True false c. The bedroom has a dresser. True falsed. There’s a coffee table in the dining room. True false e. There’s a TV in the living room. True false f. There’s a bathtub in the bathroom.True false III. Match the things and the rooms.Final del formularioPrincipio del formularioa. The car is in the  
b. The bed is in the  
c. The television is in the  
d. The tools arein the  
e. The teddy bear is in the  
f. The flowers are in the  
g. The shower is in the  
h. The fridge is in the   IV. Talk about your dailyroutine.____________________________________________________________





__________________________________________ V. Completethese statements. a. I enjoy _________________ TV at night. (to watch / watching) b. I hate __________________ housework on weekends. (to do / doing) c. I love __________________ cooking for myfamily. (to cook / cooking) d. I like ____________________ to music in my bedroom. (to listen / listening) VI. Read and then choose the correct answer.The Smiths' House |
Mr Smith's house has...
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