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1) Some people use the mimic to talk.
2) She is very sarcastic when she talks to me.
3) I’m rueful when I miss my friends.
4) There is a chaos in the party.
5) When I’m sad I need asolace.
6) I need to augment my money.
7) My father is a fugitive.
8) My brother is languid because he doesn’t eat very well.
9) Some animals remain lethargy.
10) Some pants have taut.B.QUESTIONS
- Why was The Giver now already to make a plan for change?
Because Jonas wanted to change the community, and The Giver was a plan by the idea of Jonas.
-Why would Jonas’s departure from thecommunity lead to possible change?
Because when Jonas leaves the community, memories dispars throughout the community and people can have feelings.
-Why did The Giver decide to stay behind to helpthe community?
Because The Giver who would help the community to bear the pain, besides the giver wanted to see her daughter.
-What would have happened to Jonas and Gabe if the searches found them?Community kill Jonas because he committed many breaches out of the community, take the bike from his dad, gather food or take Gabriel.
-How was Jonas handicapped by his early departure?
Jonas was onhis bike and fell because the stones are turned round.
-What might have been the source of the music that Jonas was traveling he heard behind him?
Maybe it was just an echo, or perhaps his oldcommunity was starting to have flashbacks and Jonas had "heard beyond" and could hear the music community.
-Did you approve the ending?
Not because I do not know if the community where he lived Jonas wasgoing to survive the memories, but it was a good ending because Jonas and Gabe live in a normal community with feelings.

Jonas did not want to go home after seeing thevideo he was very sad. The Giver told him that he could stay in the Annex for that night but did announce he was to silence the loud.
Jonas could not believe that the release was so long, in The Giver...
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