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2.5 Other Network Definition Considerations for Computerized PMS
2,5.1 Database Combine/Subset
A database in a computerized PMS may contain more than one network. A major
advantage to smaller databases is efficient data entry and report generation, However,
this advantage can be achieved easily if the computerized PMS allows for the capability
of combining or subsetting databases asneeded,
2,5.2 Key Field Unique [D
In some computerized systems. such as the Micro PAVER system, when the user
makes an entry in a key field (such as Network ID, Branch ID, or Section ID) for the first
time, the entry is assigned an additional hidden unique ID that remains associated with
the entry even though the user may change the value of the entry in the future. This is
a good feature becausea user is able to change network, branch, or section name at any
time without having to transfer or re·link the associated data, such as inspections or
work history. I-Iowever, for example, if a large city decides to define the pavement in each
Council District as a separate network, each network will be automatically assigned a
hidden Unique IDt If the networks are combined later, they willretain their unique
identity even if the names are changed to be the same.
Therefore, in the above example, if the city wishes to have the ability to place all the
pavements in one network at some time in the future. it is best to start with all the
pavements in one network (thus one Unique ID). The Micro PAVER software database
combine/subset capability can be used then to break the networkinto different data-
bases (ie., one for each Council District).
2. 5.3 Branch identi/Gcation (Branch ID)
In Micro PAVER, each branch is identified in two ways: (I) by an alphanumeric de-
scriptive name called the “Branch Name" and (2) by an alphanumeric code called the
"Branch ID," The Branch ID is a unique code used to help store and retrieve data from
the database. In selecting the code,review of existing codes at the agency is recom-
mended to ensure compatibility, Also, some reports may list the Branch ID and not the
Branch Name. For this reason, abbreviating the Branch Name as a Branch ID may make
reports easier to read. For example, the Branch Name "Green Street" could be given the
Branch ID "GREEN"; similarly, runway l2—3O would be given the ID "Rl230."
2. 5.4 InventoryUser-Defined Fields
The Micro PAVER system allows the user to denne additional inventory fields at the
Network, Branch, and Section levels. These fields can be used for generating queries or
sorting infomation. The following are examples of these fields.

Pavement Network Definition t ' I5
2, 5. 4,1 Example Additional Neru·ot·k-Level Fields
a. Geographical location—this is particularlyuseful for a commercial industry
with pavement networks located in di fterent geographical locations (i,e., differ-
ent states or countries).
b. Climatic zone—an example use of this field is for combining networks to de-
velop condition prediction models.
c. Classification—an example use of this field is for grouping airports by cat-
egory of use or, in the case of commercial industry, forgrouping by stores by
different class of service. .
d. Funding source—this is especially useful ifthe networks are defined based on
source of M&R funds.
2.5,4.2 Example Additional Branch-Level Fields
a. Route designation—e.g., state route.
b. Shared use—e.g., use ofa runway by both civilian and military. Example Additional Section-Level Fields
a. Maintenance District ID
b. CouncilDistrict lD
c. Presence of curb and gutter
d. Bus traffic
2.5.5 Wrtual Database Formulation
Virtual databases are formulated by creating virtual sections from the physically de-
fined pavement sections. The primary purpose of virtual databases is data presenta-
tions and reporting. A virtual section can consist of any number of physical sections
that may belong to different branches and...
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