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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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¿Are the values? |
Value is what makes good on things, that by which we appreciate, and are therefore worthy of our attention and desire. The value is all well locked intothings, discovered to my intelligence, desired and loved by my will. Dignify values and accompany the existence of any human being. |
Paúl Fernández |
29/10/2010 |
6 ``A´´ |


THE PATIENCIE THE FREEDOMTHE PERSEVERANCE THE HAPPINESS* Friendship is one of the more noble, more dignified and elevated humanity.
The friendship is a mutual affection between two people who do not belong tothe same family. Friendship in its purest form is unconditional. Or what is the same: the true friends are not judged and remain over time. Thus, the friendship is over individual values andtemporal, is a mindset, a particular tie that binds two people.

Friendship is given at different stages of life and different degrees of importance and significance. The friendship is born when people findcommon concerns. There are friendships that are born within a few minutes to relate to and others take years to do so. True friendship lasts a lifetime.

* Generosity is a virtue that canhardly be seen in others with objectivity.

Generosity is the virtue which leads us to give and give to others in a normal,strong and determined, for your sake and making your service the best of ourselves, both material goods as gifts and talents.

Patience is not passive in suffering, not to react or simply hold it:...
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