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Tad Crawford


© 2005 Tad Crawford All rights reserved. Copyright under Berne Copyright Convention, Universal Copyright Convention, and Pan-American Copyright Convention. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by anymeans, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission of the publisher. 08 07 06 05 5 4 3 2 1

Published by Allworth Press An imprint of Allworth Communications 10 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 Copublished with the Graphic Artists Guild Cover design by Derek Bacchus Interior page design by Mary Belibasakis Page composition/typography by IntegraSoftware, Services Pvt. Ltd., Pondicherry, India ISBN: 1-58115-430-5 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Crawford, Tad, 1946The graphic design business book/Tad Crawford. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN: 1-58115-430-5 (pbk.) 1. Graphic arts—United States—Marketing. 2. Commercial art—United States—Marketing. 3. Small business—United States—Management. I. Title.NC1001.6.C69 2005 741.6'068—dc22 2005017583 Printed in Canada


I N T R O D U CT I O N PA RT I . B U I L D I N G A N D P R OT E CT I N G YO U R B U S I N E S S 1. Your Business Plan . . . 03 2. Location and Leases . . . 09 3. The Going Concern . . . 12 4. Managing Your Studio by Eva Doman Bruck . . . 17 5. Using Financial Reports . . . 24 6. Insurance Protection by Arie Kopelman. . . 30 7. Advanced Insurance Issues by Leonard DuBoff . . . 38

PA RT I I . M A R K E T I N G YO U R G R A P H I C D E S I G N 8. Bringing in Clients by Michael Fleishman . . . 47 9. Portfolio Presentations by Maria Piscopo . . . 62 10. Marketing with Your Web Site by Maria Piscopo . . . 70 11. Writing Your Winning Proposal by Don Sparkman . . . 81 12. Keeping Clients Happy (and Coming Back)by Ellen Shapiro . . . 87

PA RT I I I . P R O P O SA LS , P R I C I N G , A N D C O N T R ACTS 13. How to Determine Your Hourly Rate by Theo Stephan Williams . . . 105 14. Negotiating Contracts by Richard Weisgrau . . . 115 15. Contract Forms . . . 122 16. Getting Your Clients to Pay Up by Emily Ruth Cohen . . . 133

PA RT I V. G R A P H I C D E S I G N A N D T H E L AW 17. Copyright by TadCrawford and Laura Stevens . . . 143 18. Taxes . . . 168 19. Invasion of Privacy and Releases . . . 189 20. Beyond Privacy . . . 210 21. Settling Disputes and Finding Attorneys . . . 219

APPENDICES Appendix A: The Code of Fair Practice for the Graphic Communications Industry . . . 228
Appendix B: Organizations for Graphic Designers . . . 232

S E L E CT E D B I B L I O G R A P H Y . . . 239 IN D E X . . . 241 A B O U T T H E AU T H O R . . . 246


G of effective designs to the management of a business. Graphic design

raphic design offers an unusual blend of challenges, from the creation

gives you the chance to succeed on your own terms but, even if you start as an employee and eventually become a partner in a firm, you are likely to have to...
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