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3. a) Look at the text. What type is it? Look at the ´smileys´. How do the girls´ feelings change?

b) Fill in the blanks (1-7) with the sentences (a-g). Listen aandcheck. Then explain the phrases in bold.

a. I Thing the really likes you…
b. I was furios!
c. Yeah so CHEER UP !d. The school concert´s in a week!
e. well… I hadn´t …..
f. I´m so fed up!
g Oh yeah
Instant MessengerAngela says: Are you coming to band practice tonight?

Holly says: I can´t …

Angela says: What?! 1)…..

Holly says: I Know, but I´m grounded…

Angela says: Again?!

Holly says: Iknow! 2)
My parents just don´t understand me!

Angela says: So what happened?

Holly says: My mom asked me if I´d done my homework and I said I had.

Angela says:So?

Holly says: 3) ……

Angela says: Oh! So your mom went crazy!

Holly says: Totally! She told me I was wasting too much time practicing with the band.
She justdoesn´t get it!

Angela says: My parents are the same. The other day my dad asked me how I expected
to get into law school! He said all I ever did was ´bang drumslike a boy´!!

Holly says: Girls play drums too!

Angela says: I know! I don´t even want to go to law school!
4)…… Anyway, enougt about that! I have some news for you….

Holly says: 5) …………..

Angela says: Do you remember Tom? Well... he asked me if you had a boyfriend! 6)…

Holly says: Really ??!!

Angela says: 7) ………….. Things aren´t thatbad….

Holly says: Ok, see ya!


4 Work in pairs. Take the roles of Angela and Holly. Use information from the text to act out a similar dialogue. Give it a different ending