Lic. ciencias de la educación

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Do a chart to explain the organization of the Research Report (Use as a model the UTPL framework organization). Describe each of the steps to follow in the organization.
* Itreflects the content and emphasis of the protect
TITLE AND described in the report.
TITLE PAGE - It should be as short as possible.* It includes essential words.
* Primary, write the heading of the university and of faculty.

* In the briefest term, it describes the topic, the scope, the principalfindings, and the conclusions.
* It should be written last to accurately reflect the content of
ABSTRACT the report.
* The abstract should not often exceed 200words.
* It is important to communicate the essence of the paper to the reader.

* It is a clear statement of the problem.
* It asks you why you are studying it.INTRODUCTION - It describes what has been done before and the objectives of
the current project.
* It represents how the research we aregoing to apply is developed.
* It convinces to the reader that you research design is capable actually answering you research questions.
* Ensures that the method and methodology sectionforms a core
METHODOLOGY part of the proposal.
* Describes the methods and methodology and their appropriateness in careful detail.
* Provides a brief statement ofthe research design within the introduction of the proposal before providing more details.
* The relevant data, observations, and findings are summarized.
* Tabulation of data, equitation,charts, and figures can be used
RESULTS effectively to present result clearly and concisely.
* It is important demonstrate that conditions of study were...
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