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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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My experience of 5 grade
One of the best experiences that I ever had was when we celebrate the Miss Dulce’s birthday. Everyone agreed to bring her a birthday cake, sodas, cups and potato chipsetc., I had a great time. It was so funny because when Miss Dulce came into the class room me and all my friends and Miss Ale hide in the bagpack closet and she didn’t see us, so she thought that wearen’t present. She really believe that we didn’t came to the class and when she was going to leave we came out and singing for her happy birthday and then in recess we had a little party. I think that it’sone of the funniest and happy experiences and it’s my favorite because I like parties.
Another experience that I never forget it was when we made the altars; although we didn’t win I had a greattime because we take lot of photos to the other altars. Also we paint our face like skulls and we look so weird, one friend Daniel that day he was sick and that’s why he came late, but when we see Danielhe had the face painted too, but he didn’t seem a skull he look like a raccoon. He made me laugh so hard and that’s why I love that day.

The children day was very fun too; although Claudettedidn’t come I had a good day, all 5 grade and 4 grade play a dance game in Wii. Everyone dace so funny and they look very weird, and so do I. The funniest moment was see dance Jorge the “Viva Las Vegas”song and Daniel dancing ladies songs.
But the best experience of all the others was came to this school, because I made a lot of friends here, specially my students partners from 5 grade because evenif I get angry with them some times or they do something that make me feel mad I love them so much, and I know that I can trust in them anytime and they can trust in me too.

BAD EXPERIENCESHonestly I didn’t have a lot of bad memories in this school year, but I had a few moments that I consider bad experiences. One of them it was when I fell of the game zone in the school and I scratch...