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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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Time | Activity | Social Group | Comments |
8:45-9:15 | Play time | All children in the nursery | She arrives to the nursery with her mom. She starts to playwith the computer it seems she likes it |
9:30-9:45 | Free time | All children in the nursery | She is playing with other girls in the stand where cereals are. Sheplays that she has to fill a pot of cereal. Lends to a girl who was playing with. |
11:42-12:00 | Reading time | 2 Groups | It seems she is paying attention whenthe teacher is reading the book. She is playing with her shoe and she stars to scratch her neck. She says to the teacher that she didn’t like the story. The teacherasks for a book and E says that she has it in her home. When the teacher is reading the other story she laughs. |
12:06-12:16 | Lunch | Group | She waits to beserved. She asks what is going to be for dinner. When the teacher starts to sign the song before dinner, she puts her hands together and sings the song.She talks andlaugh with the boy who is next to her. She tells the teacher that her brother has a cold.The teacher asks her if she wants sausage and gravy, she answered “yesplease”.Has lunch and serves water by herself. |
2:00-2:25 | Time group | Blue group | It was a classmate’s birthday. E sings the happy birthday song, before eatingcake. The activity is to dance while the music is on, but when it stops, she has to stop dancing.During the group activities E participates, smiles and interactswith others. |
2:45 | Farewell | Group | She sings the goodbye song. |
Behavioural Development
Name: E
Date of Birth: 4th of July
Age: 3 years 11 months