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People’s character is a composite of its habits. Changing them is the key to having a successful life, but also changing them is hard and needs of a big commitment so it can be done.
People’s objective is to move progressively on a maturity from dependence to independence to interdependence. Cooperation and specialization is very important me can achieve more if people do those twothings. But first people need to achieve independence before we can choose interdependence.
The first 3 habits (Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First) deal whit the peoples self knowledge and the book calls them “private victories” required for character growth (Covey, 1999, pp. 63-64). This thee habits can lead you from the dependence to interdependence that as I saidis the first part from the process to lead to interdependence.
The last 3 (Think in win/win, Seek to Understand, Then Be Understood, Synergy) habits are personality oriented, team work, cooperation and communication this are the “public victories” (Covey, 1999, p. 64).
Habit seven is the habit of renewal; it’s a renewal that has equilibrium, inside the four dimensions of life. This includes allthe previous habits and is the habit that creates the upward spiral of growth within the people.
This process of growth will be evolutionary, but the net effect will be revolutionary. But you need to want the change and you also need to want to move forward in your life while studying these habits. This is a long process but the benefits of these seven habits will be there in the people’s lifeforever.

Private Victory
Be Proactive, Personal Vision. Habit 1
Now people in our society have accepted tree deterministic explanations of human limitations that are the genetic determinism (by its grandparents, DNA), the psychic determinism (by parents fault, education and experiences) and the environmental determinism (by the boss fault or any other person that has influence in the person).All maps are based in the theory that for every stimulus is a response but now we know that men has the freedom to choose cause we don’t have an “auto pilot function” (Covey, 1999, p. 84)
“Proactivity is a very common word in texts that specialized in directing business and it’s a term that is not found in every common dictionary. Proactivity means that, as human beings, we are responsible forour own lives. Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions” (Covey, 1999, p. 85). We can subordinate feelings to values. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. Proactive peoples conduct is a product of their own consent election it is based on values and is not a product of conditions nether is founded on feelings. Proactivity is grounded in facingreality but also understanding we have the power to choose a positive response to our circumstances.
The capability to subordinate the impulses towards the values is the essence of proactive people. This is hard to accept but until a person can’t decide profound and honestly he won’t make the right choices.
Victor Rankl says that they are three central values in life: the experiential (thatwhich happens to us), the creative (that which we bring into existence), and the attitudinal (our response to difficult circumstances). What matters most is how we respond to what we experience in life. (Covey, 1999, p. 89)
Taking the initiative means recognizing our responsibility to make things happen. Use your R and I (resourcefulness) and (initiative).
The organizations of every kind (evenfamily) can be proactive, combining creativity with resources of proactive people to create a proactive culture inside the organization.
We need to understand how we focus our time and energy to be effective. The things we are concerned about could be described as our "Circle of preoccupation". There are things we can really do something about, that can be described as our "Circle of Influence"....
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